Pride Goes Before The Fall

by Trey & Lea | July 13th, 2018

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A month or so ago, a lady saw Lea and I being affectionate with one another while waiting in line at a restaurant. She asked, “Are you guys honeymooners?” That made me feel great as I thought, “YES, people notice that we’re practicing what we’re preaching on this marriage stuff…”

THEN … this past week the opposite happens. Lea and I were working down at her little store. While I was helping her hang a few items on a wall, she was supposed to hold a spot I’d marked on the wall for the nail to go. Before I was ready, she moved her finger and lost the spot …

ME (A little frustrated and with a little bit of tone): Why did you move your finger?!?!

HER: I’m so sorry. I guess my brain just went on hold for a second.

ME (Still sounding a bit frustrated): Okay, I guess we can start all the way over … again.

(At that moment a lady in the store that knows exactly who we are, and has overheard our conversation and my tone, pipes up and says … )

LADY: Hey, I know this really good marriage workshop you guys should try to attend. It would probably help (she says with a teasing smile).

Busted. Yip, I’ve still got work to do. And yes, pride goes before a fall.

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